Expert Rodent Removal in Riverside Rids Your Property of Pesky Gophers

It can be really frustrating to see your lawn riddled with holes and your plants brutally devoured by villainous rodents. Before you rush out to install traps and bait, you might want to learn how best to deal with them properly so they don’t come back with a vengeance. A recent article on has this to say about the use of traps to get rid of garden pests.

“Animal intruders may be troublesome, but some types can be easily handled with a live trap. Live traps are designed to help you eliminate pests without harming or killing them. Closed boxes provide extra protection from animals that like to bite, such as raccoons, but they do not allow you to identify what you’ve captured as easily as a wire cage.


In certain instances, elimination traps are the most effective way to deal with infestations of mice, rats and other disease-spreading rodents. Snap traps are among the most common types of kill traps and are ideal for getting rid of mice and rats. Stake traps to the ground to improve effectiveness, particularly when trapping larger animals.”

Among the various rodent species found in gardens, gophers are considered some of the most destructive. Unlike moles, which only leave tracks of holes on the ground, gophers make tunnels and eat any plants or crops within their reach. Eradicating gophers involves almost similar methods as getting rid of other pests. Riverside rodent removal experts normally start by using traps that can eliminate up to 90 percent of the critters.

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For thorough gopher control in Riverside, a company like Rodent Guys uses methods that are much safer than traditional pellet poisoning. Instead of spreading deadly pellets in your backyard that pose danger to your pets, they blow the holes with carbon monoxide. CO is a colorless and odorless compound that, when inhaled, causes internal damage by preventing the flow of oxygen in the blood. Highly trained experts make sure that the deadly gas is expelled only inside the gophers’ tunnels.

Gophers and other species of rodents prove harmful not only to residential gardens but also wreak havoc in farms, where they are considered agricultural pests. To prevent them from proliferating in your backyard, don’t think twice about hiring a leading rodent removal company like Rodent Guys that uses a combination of traps and CO gas injections for maximum efficacy and safety.

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